Architecture for Van Merksteijn Internationaal

The tale of a building


The design and construction of a sizeable project always involves a long, adventurous journey. As all journeys, it starts with a single step. Travel companions have to trust each other, rely on each other and be convinced of their respective abilities. The development of the Van Merksteijn Building was a journey in which travel companions Koopmans Bouwgroep, Trebbe Bouw, represented in Bouwcombinatie Koopmans Trebbe, and Van der Linde Architecten were able to work alongside each other in excellent and very productive harmony. This underlines the fact our client Van Merksteijn International had the courage and willingness to listen to our ideas and appreciate the philosophy we wanted to express in the uniqueness of the Van Merksteijn Building. 

As an architect, I firmly believe that a building should have a soul, a life if its own. It should provide a warm, inspiring workplace for its inhabitants. Moreover, it should say something about the company established in it, the people who work in it, and its function. 

The Van Merksteijn building is used as a base for the company's successful worldwide commercial operations. A building makes, or rather is a statement. In this case, it says something about the Van Merksteijn Group and the person in charge of it. 

The structure of the building has a subdued power; its strength is amplified by the carefully chosen details. A customized, individual construction that is closely connected to the Van Merksteijn Group, its products, its activities on the world market, the way its operates, its management. Timeless and solid quality, not dictated by impulsive and short-term policies, but by balanced judgments and convictions. 

The building looks quite imposing from a distance. Though it clearly is designed to blend in with the landscape, it nevertheless seems to dominate its surroundings. But when you get closer, the details start to become more distinct. The feeling of smallness then starts to disappear and is replaced by a longing to enter the building and experience it.


Opdrachtgever: Van Merksteijn International


Architect: Van der Linde Architecten

Bouwbedrijf: Koopmans Bouwgroep, Trebbe Bouw